» Datos del Proyecto de Investigación
Código: 5-16-455-14
Nombre: Experiencia,Cuerpo y Barro.
Director: jessica tatiana villamil romero
Facultad: Facultad de Artes (ASAB)
Fecha de Inicio: 2014-11-20
Estado: Finalizado
Grupo/Semillero de Investigación: semillero teatro memoria histórica
Tipo de Proyecto: Financiado por Convocatoria interna
Nombre Convocatoria/Convenio: Convocatoria # 3-2014: apoyo a los trabajos de grado en modalidad investigación e innovación, creación e interpretación a desarrollarse en proyectos curriculares de pregrado de la universidad distrital francisco jose de caldas
This project came from the findings over my personal explorations with the clay, which had taken place at the ceramic workshop in the academy of visual arts ASAB. From this experience, I saw the need of expanding its context involving others. Where their learning with the clay builds a link to myself, enriching my process. Through this way, I found that was vitally important to record and document everything what happened in this experimental lab, because I believe that the experiences that took place there, could go beyond an academic exercise, and become in a sensorial experience that transports us through the memory, inviting to perceive the world in a different form. As I see it, exploring how the clay feels especially with blindfolded eyes, directed my attention in the beginning just into the touch, but then everything opened to the other senses. In the middle of this situation many questions emerged from me, like: What does it feel thought the clay? ¿How do I perceive and represent the world that surrounds me? ¿Of what is it made? ¿what does it smell like? ¿how does it taste?¿how do you hear it?¿which memories does it bring? ¿which anecdotes does it go around the clay? That is how this simple experience, takes me to have more conscience about the way of how we are felling our world, and I realized how important and essential other ways of learning are. For this reason and as an artist, I find very important to share the experiences that I had with the clay, to other people. But beyond all that, the goal in this project is to create a proper place so all them can live and feel this practice (with the clay) in their own body, because I have noticed, that most of the time the words are not enough for describe what do we feel.