» Datos del Proyecto de Investigación
Código: 5-16-227-11
Director: maria jose arbelaez grunndman
Facultad: Facultad de Artes (ASAB)
Fecha de Inicio: 2011-08-05
Estado: Finalizado
Grupo/Semillero de Investigación: athanor
Tipo de Proyecto: Financiado por Convocatoria interna
Nombre Convocatoria/Convenio: Convocatoria # 1-2011: financiación de proyectos presentados por grupos de investigación institucionalizados en el sistema de investigaciones de la universidad distrital francisco josé de caldas, registrados en scienti y no clasificados en sncti
The investigation-creation project “The art of walking in the nature” purpose is to find alternative styles of establishing new links between the man and nature; through the act of walking as experience and artistic form that allow us to open, inhabit and be closer to nature, perceive it and live it in diverse ways. Our ethical proposal goes along a feeling of respect for the natural locations where we are going to transit without a desire to modify or transform them, but on the contrary, being open to the diverse bodily and anecdotic experiences that walking in concrete geographical spaces provide. We want to point out that our proposal is not bound to an environmental bet, that would imply a predetermination about the must be of nature. One of the project’s bets is to be able to understand how sacred places are constructed from dwelling in a chosen territory, based on experiential knowledge, located on space and time, and associated to the experience and personal and group situations.